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Multiple Choice Questions

1. All the following are needed for a healthy bone except :
a. vitamin A          
b. magnesium            
c. calcium                            
d. vitamin D
2. Which of the following singers has been awarded with Bharat Ratna Award?
a. Mohd. Rafi      
b. Lata Mangeshkar  
c. Asha Bhonsle                  
d. Kumar Sanu
3. Exposure to which of the following will turn potatoes green?
a. cold air            
b. sunlight                  
c. carbon mono oxide        
d. oils
4. Which of the following nutrients is needed as main structural component of body?
a. carbohydrates  
b. fats                        
c. proteins                          
d. fibres
5. Apple juice is cleansing for the organ : 
a. liver
b. kidney
c. stomach
d. heart
6. Where is the oil refinery in U.P. situated?
a. Agra                
b. Mathura                   
c. Kanpur                     
d. Aligarh
7. Which river is also known as River of Sorrow?
a. Damodar         
b. Tungabhadra            
c. Krishna                     
d. Tapti
8. Which mineral is used to produce nuclear energy?
a. Mica               
b. Bauxite                   
c. Uranium                    
d. Lignite 

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