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Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India

The Craze of Social Networking Sites are increasing every year, and that’s why I thought to share the top 10 social networking sites and let see, in how many sites you have your own account and you are daily checking your friends activities. All the Rankings are based on Alexa Ranking which is calculated every day based on users activity.

1. Facebook Facebook is the best social networking site at present and the second most visited site in the world after Google. In India it got the third Rank based on Alexa Ranking and this is on the top of our ranking list. Facebook is already most visited social networking website in many countries.
2. Google Plus Alexa Ranking of Google+ is 1 in India and it is the First most popular social networking site in India. Google+ is most popular in Paraguay and Brazil with Alexa Rank 1 & 1 respectively. Google+ was very popular in India as well as others countries.
3. LinkedIn In India, LinkedIn Got the second most used professional social networking site based on Alexa Ranking which is 11. LinkedIn is most popular in Netherlands with Alexa Ranking 10.
4. iBibo Ibibo is currently doing well with Alexa Ranking 24 in India. Ibibo is the fourth Most Visited Social Networking Site in India. I think their Social 
Networking Games like facebook are helping them to increase the user base and hence the ranking as well.
5. BharatStudent BharatStudent.Com is the 5th most popular Social Networking Website in India with Alexa Ranking 57.
6. Myspace Myspace is also most used by Indian Users. They Got Alexa Ranking 117 in India 117 and Myspace is most popular in US with Alexa Ranking 28.
7. Hi5 Hi5.Com is also most popular in India with Alexa Ranking 359 and it is the 7th Most Popular Site in India. Hi5 is most popular in Angola and Mongolia with Alexa Ranking 6&7 respectively.
8. Fropper Fropper is the 8th Most Visit Social Networking Site in India with Alexa Ranking 647 and mostly used in India.
9. Bwithyou is another social networking sites in India and it is the 9th Most popular site with Alexa Rank 2700. It is most popular in India and USA
10. Perfspot got the 10 position in this list with Alexa Rank 3700 in India. It is most popular in Syrian Arab Republic with Alexa ranking 243.

Top 5 Search Engines

Based on rankings by total searches, the top five search engines are:

  • Google Search
  • Yahoo! Search
  • MSN/Windows Live Search
  • AOL Search
  • Search

Get Bing Daily Images on your Google homepage!!

Now you can get Bing daily Image on your Google homepage

using a Google Chrome extension. Just go here
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India IT quiz–Edition 1

1. Which country is the second fastest growing market for Facebook, the popular social networking engine?
2., Amazon’s official portal for India in its current avatar is a comparision site involving multiple online commerce portals. Two of them are prominently absent – the same two also considered by Amazon as key competition to beat in India. Which two?
3. Which state in India tops in terms of Facebook activity?
4. Which popular Indian site has dragged Google to court citing “appearance of competition ads on their website”?
5. Which Canadian company has been awarded the contract of building and marketing Aakash, the $35 tablet conceived by IIT, Jodhpur?

India Mobile File - An Infographic

Interesting Infographic that I stumbled upon. One that shows country wise statistics on mobile usage, mobile ownership patterns and some tit-bits. Reproducing the India piece for you below here. For the full infographic click here

Close to 874 million mobile subscribers in India and 53% of them have lost their phone or have it stolen. Amazing fact !! No wonder Nokia and Samsung are having a roaring business here. ;-)

Greater than 60% of the 874 million mobile users have software that identifies their location. Are new GIS app developers listening?

Less than 40% of them have a password to protect their phone. I am one among thos 40% :-(

Top 5 MS Power Point Tips

A lot of my blog readers ask me to blog on tips that could enhance their computer productivity. Here's a first of a series of posts dedicated to all my readers

Power point has become so common a tool that every Windows user clicks on MS Power point icon when asked to research, create a presentation, draw a flowchart or even just take notes.

However, there is so much of power under the hood that hardly gets utilized. So here are the top 5 power point tips to upgrade your power point experience

1. Stop Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste). Select an object and do a Ctrl+D (Duplicate). Not only are you reducing the number of key presses, the Duplicate shortcut also aligns every newly duplicated object to create a pattern of equidistant objects

2. Pasted a image and it has an irritating white background?. Relax. You can clear the white background by double-clicking on the image, go to Colors on the menu bar, select "Set Transparent Color" and click anywhere on the white background of the image

3. Do you have a table that does not fit into a single slide? Do not fret. You can divide the table across two slides and use a cool slide transition to let the audience know that the table is continuing over two slides. Select the first slide and Go to Transitions on the menu bar and select "Push" as the transition.

4. Need to fit the letters of a word onto a curve? Type your word. Select the text box. Go to Format on the menu bar. Select Text Effects --> Transform --> Follow Path and the needed layout.

5. You are projecting your slides and you suddenly need the audience to stop looking at the slides and focus on you the speaker. You can press "B" or "W" on the keyboard to produce a Black or White background respectively. This works only in Presentation mode.

So there you go. You should return to your workstation feeling a lot more energised :-)

Top 8 Indian Online Book Stores

Dedicated to all my book-aholic readers....a list of the top 5 Online Book stores in India

  1. Flipkart - - Top of the mind recall store for books. What started off as chiefly a book store has today transformed into selling a lot of other category stuff. However, it still happens to be my first stop shop to lookup the latest books and not to mention the steepest discounts.
  2. uRead - - I love uRead mainly because they have the best real estate utilization of their home page where the maximum number of titles hit you. They also have a real time dynamic Google map integrated app that shows titles being purchased in real-time.
  3. BookAdda - - These folks allow you to create a virtual book shelf that can be shared on Facebook. It displays the books you have purchased/read recently. A cool ego-booster!
  4. Oxford BookStore - - A decent online store that complements their offline physical stores.
  5. Landmark - - Similar to their physical stores, LandMark, the Chennai based store chain sells both books and other stuff  on their online store.
  6. Crossword - - With 83 physical stores, Crossword started in 1992 has run into a bit of trouble in the brick and mortar  format and is downing the shutters in a quite a few cities. However, their online store is elegant an dmakes for a pleasant book search and purchase experience
  7. Rediff Books - - Boasts of 3.5 million titles online with the familiar Rediff look and feel.
  8. Indiatimes Books - - A run of the mill online book store I should say. 

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